I completed FUTTIES POGBA and here’s why you should too! Player Review


Back at the start of fifa 19, Paul Pogba was one of the go to midfielders for several reasons. One being his height and strength that give him a great presence on the pitch. Other cards that have similar attributes such as Gullit, who is questionably the best midfielder on the game.

However using Pogba’s base card at this stage of the game with the other cards that are available would not be worth it. However this FUTTIES Pogba is one of the best cards on the game because of his following features

  • Height and Strength
  • Physical Strengh
  • Passing ability
  • 90+ stats

Below are FUTTIES POGBA’S in game stats courtesy of FUTBIN. The main stats that stand out which meet the current demand curve of overpowered players are the 95+ stamina, dribbling, composure, passing. Not only these stats but with the current crossing meta in fifa 19 Pogba’s height combined with the 91 jumping make him an extremely usable player that can be used anywhere in the midfield.

Due to the high rating and overall exceptional card, it does come at a high price tag of between 1m-1.5m. Although the cost is over 1 million it is an absolute steal for a card of this statue.

Other similar cards that come with similar stats are Prime icon Vieira and Gullit who are well above 1 million coins which therefore would mean if you can afford Pogba but not Vieira or Gullit. FUTTIES Pogba would be a great addition to almost any squad.

In fact his card brings such a great presence to anyone’s that you may even see FUTTIES Pogba at the FeWC finals.

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