How to get Death Breath Ragnarok Mobile


How To Get Death Breath Ragnarok Mobile


Here are five simple steps to get death breath Ragnarok mobile.


Head Of The World


World bosses reflect a new form of MVP. The game is composed of three world bosses: Angeling, Valkyrie Randgris, and Detale.

Dead Breaths and other materials fall, and loot will be given to all participants in the massacre. Similar to the SMVP method.


Boss Returning To The Ruins Of Valhalla 100 (boss VR100)


A Dark Bard NPC will appear after the first Ruins of Valhalla Lv 100 card have been removed. You should speak to him about calling the boss back to the world.


Boss Returning To The Endless Tower (ET101 Boss)


A Dark Bard NPC will appear after cleaning up the 100th floor of the endless tower. Speak with him to call the boss back to the infinite tower.


Boss Returning To The Field (MVP Undead)


It is one of the powerful variants of ordinary MVP. It is also called Undead MVP or UMVP. It is mainly used to hit higher points.

In this, the Niflheim gates are open for every 2 hours by making a Revenant/ Undead MVP. The MVP position and search methods are the same as the regular edition.

These Revenant Bosses drop Dead Breaths, the same items as the original, as well as some extra bonus loot exclusively for the UMVP.

The rewards can be earned only by the MVP assassin.


Niflheim Daily Quests

In the city of Niflheim, you can do regular missions where you can receive 1,500 dead breaths a day.




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