FIFA 20 Dutch Avion Trading Method


If you’ve been in the fifa community recently.  You’ll have probably heard of a new trading method called Dutch Avion.

So what is Dutch Avion?

Dutch Avion is essentially where you invest all of your coins into a set of cards.

Wait until they rise.  And sell in the hype.

Obviously the only problem with this method is you will be unassigned.

Meaning that you won’t be able to open packs.  Or if you buy more players that you want to use in your team you probably won’t be able to get to them.  Because EA only allow you to see 50 unassigned items.

However there are traders out there making 1 million plus coins a week doing this method.  Some trader on twitter even made 5 MILLION coins in one go.  However he did invest nearly 8 Million coins.

The downside to making a lot of coins with this method is that you need a lot of coins in the first place.

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