FIFA 19 Sniping Filters (Which Players can make you 50k an Hour)


To maximise your profit when trading it’s always import to find the right fifa 19 sniping filters. Every player on the market can technically be sniped but finding filters that accumulate a bunch of in demand players at one time make sniping so much more profitable.

Finding the right filters can take you from earning 10k an hour to over 100k an hour.

So how do you find the best filters within seconds.


Find popular players in the Premier League.

The best players are cards that sell for around 2000 coins and 81 rated or less. This means that because they are 81 or lower rated they get packed so many times that they get listed more times than any other card. Meaning that you have more chances to snipe.

Lets show an Example:

Benjamin Mendy (LB Manchester City) 81 rated: Currently sells for 2100 coins.

Other Examples:

Rashford 81 (3000 coins)
Aurier 81 (2500)
Robertson 81 (2000)

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