Best Players To Snipe in FIFA 19


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Finding the best players to snipe in fifa 19 can be tricky at first. But once you know the secret method of finding the best player to snipe you can easily make 50-100k a day.

Also knowing the best times to snipe as well in order to make the most amount of profit. By knowing the best times as well as the best players to snipe, this enables you to maximise the profit you can make.

Best Times:

5pm – 8pm UK everyday
7am – 9am UK Thursday (This is the absolute best time due to people opening both FUT Champs and Division Rivals Rewards)

Best Players:

Marcus Rashford
Serge Aurier
Benjamin Mendy
Andrew Robertson
Hector Bellerin
Ricardo Pereira
Wissam Ben Yedder
Joao Cancelo

So why are these the BEST players to snipe in fifa 19?

The secret method to finding the best players to snipe in fifa 19 is to find players that are 81 or lower rated that sell for around 2000 coins

Using players that are around 81 or lower rated means that they get packed all the time meaning that more get listed on the market every minute. And finding players that are worth around 2000 coins means that EA tax isn’t much and people tend to list players for around 300-400 coins cheaper than the cheapest to sell instantly.

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