Custom Words (Copy and Paste)

19797 Views allows the use of custom words.  Below are multiple lists of various topics that you can copy and paste to use in your next game.


 Chug jug, slurp juice, shield potion, dynamite, impulse grenade, bandages, medkit, small shield potion, mushroom, apple, banana, coconut, pepper, damage trap, cozy campfire, mounted turret, bush, hop rock, jetpack, suppressed pistol, suppressed sniper rifle, assault rifle, sniper rifle, scoped assault rifle, dual pistols, infantry rifle, drum gun, flint-knock pistol, hand cannon, pistol, tactical shotgun, combat shotgun, hunting rifle, rocket launcher, grenade launcher


witch, wither skeleton, zombie, zombie villager, iron golem, ender dragon, anvil, bookshelf, bed, chest, coal, crafting table, diamond, emerald, enchanting table, ender chest, furnace, gold, jukebox, nether portal, obsidian, TNT, torch, sword, bow, helmet, shovel, hoe, flint and steel, trident, music disc, shears


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