Will Minecraft Update Delete My World?


Will minecraft update delete my world? Unfortunately there is no exact answer found for this question. 

The fact is, it completely depends on the version you use and how you delete the launcher. If your launcher is Java it is easy to restore your previous datas of My World, or if you use uninstall.exe it is quite difficult to restore all your data.


But if you want to save backups before updating (recommended), navigate the root tree to reach your backup.

How To Backup Data?

First you have to select the percentage of appdata. Next you have to click. minecraft. By clicking on it you can completely transfer your entire backup datas.

After transferring your datas you can choose the worlds which you need to save in the appropriate folder.

Or you can just move your data into “.minecraft” folder. Keep in mind there is only one “saves” folder in the end.

The folder “.minecraft” also stores all the other Minecraft info, such as screenshots, resource packs and other useful stuff if you know how to use them.


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