What is SMP Minecraft?


Heard the term SMP in youtube videos or on different forums and wondered what it means?  I was in the same position.  But a quick google search found me the answer.

SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer.  There are hundreds of different survival multiplayer servers you can play on for free if you go to sites like planet Minecraft.  But one of the most fun ways to play SMP is with a small group of friends.

Ever heard of How to Minecraft?  I’m sure you have but if not it’s a survival multiplayer server that isn’t joinable and is played by a dozen of YouTuber’s and streamers.  In fact, you’ll have 100% watched someone on youtube who has participated in one of the several seasons they’ve done.


What to do on SMP servers?

What you do all depends on the goal of you and your friends.  For example I’ve played on dozens of servers with my friends all with different objectives.

Some where we work together and build all the buildings and farms as a community project and others where we have gone out solo but built in similar areas.

Minecraft has an endless amount of possibilities, it designed to let your creativity run wild.  Anything from manual farms to fully working computers.  As long as you don’t build something that looks rubbish, I’m sure nobody would mind.



Just like in single-player Minecraft, on survival multiplayer servers setting up farms help keep your food supplies up.  From manual farms to fully automatic farms.  It all depends on how much work you want to put in.  Check out some of the farms we’d recommend building below.

Mumbo Jumbo made a video about 8 of the best micro-farms you can make on Minecraft.  Not only are all these useful.  But they’ll impress your friends on your server.

Some of the basic farms for your server include, wheat, carrots, potatoes, chickens, cows, and sheep farms.  Whenever I and my friends start a new server these are the first building points.

They’re easy to build.  Although it must be said that you can get some really awesome fully automatic versions of all of those farms but we wouldn’t recommend building them until you have manual versions so you don’t run out of food on your survival journey.



When it comes to houses.  Your creativity is only your limit.  Whether you plan on sticking with the basic rustic looking houses, to building an apartment block.  All the way to the ultimate man cave.  We’ve put together a bunch of our favorite designs to give you some ideas.  Check them out below.

All of the tutorials above will give you a house that will impress your friends or fellow buddies.

Further down the line you can expand these builds or build the ultimate house.


How to find servers?

If you don’t have a group of friends that play Minecraft there are many different forums where people look for users to join survival servers.  Checkout PlanetMinecraft there are hundreds of servers looking for players to join.  And as long as you’re helpful and don’t grief the server you’ll be welcome for many years.

You can help build awesome creations like some I’ve built with several people amongst the years.

what is smp minecraft


Where to find cool ideas to build?

If you’re stuck for creativity on Minecraft you’ll start to find yourself not being productive or starting to get bored of playing.

There are thousands of different builds you can do on Minecraft you just need a bit of creativity.  A simple google or youtube search will bring back more builds than you’ll have time to build.  Especially on servers where you’re going too have to collect all the materials.

The best builds are the ones that don’t take to long to build.  If you take on a too big of a task on your own you’ll find yourself getting bored.  Doing a lot of small builds will keep to attention going and your motivation to complete the builds high.


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