[SOLVED] Minecraft Disable Mob Griefing (What it actually does)


Mob griefing can be quite annoying when you’ve just planted all your crops and all of a sudden you turn around and a zombie has trampled all those crops you’ve just spent 10 minutes planting.

There is one simple command that can be used on the vanilla version of minecraft to disable mob griefing.  This command is “gamerule mobGriefing false” without the quotes.  It should start filling in as you are typing it.

how to disable mob griefing


What does Mob Griefing actually do?

Below is a list of what mobs can grief if you leave Mob Griefing enabled:

  • Mobs trampling farmland
  • Mobs picking up dropped items (zombies, villagers, etc.)
  • Zombies breaking doors
  • Sheep eating grass (sheep will still regrow their wool, but the block will not change from a grass to a dirt block)
  • Villagers harvesting/replanting farmland
  • Dragon destroying blocks
  • Wither explosions destroying blocks
  • Creeper explosions destroying blocks
  • Endermen picking up blocks
  • Silverfish hiding in stone (Silverfish will not reinhabit stone blocks after roaming)
  • Silverfish calling for help out of nearby blocks destroying said blocks
  • Snowmen leaving snow traces
  • Rabbits eating crops
  • Blaze fireballs creating fire
  • Ghast fireball explosions destroying blocks

If mob griefing is turned off the game is obviously easier but it can take away the proper survival element of Minecraft when you take into consideration some of the griefing activities.

Some are quite annoying such as ‘Ghast fireball explosions destroying blocks’.


Is Mob Griefing enabled on realms?

Yes.  Mob Griefing is enabled on realms.  By default on all the different versions of Minecraft mob griefing is enabled.

Because the command is a server-wide command and not for individual users.  If it is changed on the realm by an operator then it will be disabled for everyone.


Turn off some and not others?

No, although this would be extremely useful.  You cannot turn off some mob griefing and not others.

We hope this is something that Mojang will add in a later edition of the game.  Especially with it being a relatively new command.


Other Useful Minecraft Commands

There are many useful commands that you can use on both java and bedrock editions on Minecraft.


disableRaids is another command that is quite useful especially if you are playing on a solo world.  At the start of a survival world when you are not in full protection 4 armour, Raids on villagers can be extremely difficult to take out on your own.



doLimitedCrafting is a command that adds the extra challenge to survival if you have played multiple survival worlds in the past.  doLimitedCrafting makes it so you can only craft items that you have unlocked.  So you have to take the time to find and pick up the raw materials in order to craft the more advanced items.



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