(SOLVED) How to change a Villagers Profession?


How To Change A Villagers Profession?


Villagers are passive crowds inhabiting villages, working on jobs, reproducing and communicating. Their attire varies by occupation, and by biome. Players can use emeralds as money to trade with the villagers.


How To Change Villager’s Profession In Minecraft?


For changing the profession of the villager first of all you have to destroy the building blocks which you are already using as a profession.

For example, if you are willing to change the village farmer’s job you have to destroy the composter block.



Nitwits cannot change their jobs at Minecraft, so save time and move on if you know them.

Make sure that another work block is vacant and put about 48 blocks from the villager, you can eventually find a new profession, cross the block and change the villager’s job in Minecraft automatically.

And if you want to turn your old farmer into a gunsmith, you have to build a block next to them. Then you have to blast furnaces and give them some time, they will become a gunsmith without any input from you.



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