(SOLVED) Does the Minecraft World End?


Does The Minecraft World End


Does the Minecraft world end? The answer is “No” the world does not end instead the world continues to generate automatically as the player moves away from their centre.

The further you go, the more the world grows. If you walk long enough, you will eventually reach what Minecraft creator Markus Persson called “distant lands”, an area so far from the center of the world that the game can no longer support the size of the world.



This is where the Minecraft universe begins to transform into something illogical and unrecognizable.

Some of you may be scratching your head and wondering why it’s awesome (or at least interesting), so let’s go back.



Minecraft offers a world of square blocks of various materials. that can be broken down and built into incredibly detailed structures through agriculture and mining.

Each game spawns a whole new world populated by a unique configuration of trees, plains, and mountains, making it ideal for exploration.



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