(SOLVED) Does Milk get rid of Bad Omen


Does Milk Get Rid Of Bad Omen


Does milk get rid of bad omen? No, drinking milk definitely does not help you to get rid of the bad omen.

Nowadays, players can actually choose not to fight the raid by drinking milk if they get a bad omen.

This might make villages more challenging for protection against raids. It also makes no sense (you shouldn’t literally be able to break an omen by drinking milk).



How To Get A Bad Omen?


By killing a villager raid, you get a bad omen. They are most commonly found in patient groups and are usually looters.



What Is A Bad Omen?


You didn’t think you needed the villagers to get finished, did you? In the end, it’s an omen.


The bad omen has a length of 1 hour and 40 minutes (100 minutes); if you put a village under its influence, you can attack them.

It can also be stacked. If you kill numerous raid captains, you can make your bad omen more effective. The greater your bad omen’s strength, the worse the raid will show up.



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