Minecraft Can’t Find Buried Treasure (Here’s how to find it 100% of the time)


Finding the buried treasure on Minecraft can turn into quite a stressful task.  Especially when you’re constantly having to go to the surface to get air.  However, there are several ways to find the buried treasure 100% of the time.

Buried treasure is found on the shores and can ONLY be generated under sand or gravel.  You are best to take a shovel as this is the best tool to mine sand and gravel quickly.  As well as taking a door.  By placing a door underwater nearby you can regenerate air bubbles without having to go to the ocean surface.


What can you find in buried treasure chests?

As the name suggests you’ll find treasure.  Although not all of what you’ll find you’ll class as treasure.  You can find any of the following items.

  • Emeralds
  • Diamonds
  • Iron Ingots
  • Gold Ingots
  • Heart of the Sea
  • Fish
  • Books
  • Paper

And a few other low tier items but the ones in bold are the ones that you’ll be hoping to find.


You can cheat and use this tool

Although it kind of ruins the fun if you really cannot find it then you can use this tool by chunkbase to enter your world seed and locate the exact coordinates of every buried treasure chest on your world.


Where to find the buried treasure maps?

Treasure maps are found in sunken ships.  These sunken ships can be found either at the bottom of the ocean or just off the land.  There is usually at least one chest on each of these ships.  Normally located through the door to the back of the ships, but this all depends on how wrecked the ships are.  In the chest, you’ll usually always find a buried treasure map.

If there are multiple ships located in the same area a lot of the time the treasure maps will lead to the exact same treasure chest.

To find the ships it’s best to get a few boats in case yours breaks or gets destroyed by a drowned trident.  I usually make sure I have 3 boats just in case.

Then I’d press f5 and just roam the oceans until I see one.  Usually, they aren’t too rare and you’ll find quite a few especially in the deeper oceans.


Is the buried treasure worth it?

At the start of any survival world, I’d say they are 100% worth it.  It’s a quick and easy way to find emeralds, iron and diamonds without having to mine.

When you start to get further one in a survival world the only thing buried treasure is worth it for is the heart of the seas so you can make a conduit to breath underwater for longer periods of time.


how to find buried treasure minecraft

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