How To Teleport In Minecraft PE?


How to teleport in Minecraft PE? Did you ever ask these questions? Well,  you can use the / tp command to change your teleport without walking and it’ll be instant!


What Are The Steps For Teleport In Minecraft?

Show Contact Information 

The positions are determined with coordinates in Minecraft, as in maths which is the popular X, Y, and Z. You must first show them to see the coordinates.

Go to settings > game in the game menu, this can be found under the world options. Then you have to enable the toggle of the co-ordinates.


Use The Position Coordinates

Now go to the location and look at the coordinates for Minecraft.

You may type the teleport command either in a chat or a block order. You have to  type your contact information in this command / @p 300 64 29 tp

 replacing 300 64 29 tp

The command also enables the teleporting to entities. In Minecraft, an object looks like an insect, a crowd, or even arrows, which are good examples of splattered potions.


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