How to remove pumpkin blur in Minecraft?


Running around with a pumpkin on your head in Minecraft can be a great prank to play on your friends.  Lets be honest it’s pretty cool but the annoying blur that it gives you isn’t cool.  However, you can remove pumpkin blur by doing editing the resource pack file.

Minecraft resource packs allow you as the user to edit how the game looks.  There’s 100s of thousands of different resource packs that have been made by the community over the years since the same launched.

Remove Pumpkin blur in Minecraft

In order to edit the pumpkin blur you need to edit the resource pack.  Resource packs are located at the following file path unless you have changed this yourself.  %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks

Depending on which resource pack you have you’ll need to browse through the files in the above file path to find the “pumpkinblur.png” image.  You can then either edit this yourself in your favourite image editor.  Or alternatively you can install a whole new resource pack to change the look of your game.

Visit the following link to visit Planet Minecraft to find all the best community created resource packs.

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