How To Name Items In Minecraft PE


In Minecraft the items can be named with the help of the name tag. A Name tag is an item used around the world to name the items.

Name tags can be found in 28.3 percent of dungeon chests, 42.3 percent in mine pit chests and 28.3 percent in wooden mansion chests, all in stacks of 1.


How To Name The Sword In Minecraft?

Here are some of the steps for naming a sword.


Place the Anvil

If you have the supplies you need, add the anvil to your shortcut bar to make it an object you can use for.

Then place the pointer (plus sign) on the block where you want the anvil to be placed. The highlighted block can be seen in your game browser.


Use The Anvil.

You have to stand in front of them to use the anvil.

Now your anvil is open, and the name can be seen.

Name The Sword

Place the sword that you intend to name into the first place to mark a sword. In this case, in the first position, for example if we have a stone sword, and it shows “Stone Sword” as the name of this object.

Move the sword called stone sword into the inventory.Once you pick your sword in your shortcut bar, you will see the new name appear on the screen instead of Stone Sword .


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