How To Move Items From Chest To Inventory Minecraft PC ?


Minecraft chests are primarily used to secure your valuable items so that when you die, you don’t lose your items; thus, most players also find themselves adding and removing objects from their chest. 

Moving items manually between your inventory is usually a lengthy process involving a significant amount of drag and drop. There is, however, another transfer method that helps you to move items easily between your inventory and a container, and vice versa.

To open your chest right click on it. You can also check the items in the chest.

Hold the “Shift” button on your keyboard, and left-click the object you want to move to the trunk directly from your inventory.

You can also switch items from your inventory by pressing Shift on the inventory screen without any other windows.



The above mentioned tips are best suited for the version 1.6.2, and can vary in other software versions.


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