How To Make Glass Panes In Minecraft?


In Minecraft the Glass panes are a transparent container, which can be used as an alternative to glass cubes.

How To Make Glass Panes In Minecraft?


Here are some of the important steps for making a glass pane.


  • Open The Crafting Menu


  • Next, open your design table to have the 3×3 design grid.


  • Add items to create a glass panes


  • You can see an authoring area in the authoring menu consisting of a 3×3 authoring grid. Place 6 glass cubes onto the 3×3 craft grid (2 rows of 3) to create a glass pane.


  • When making a glass it is important that the glass cubes are positioned as illustrated below. 


  • There must be 3 blocks of glass in the first section. Similarly 3 blocks of glass in the next section.


  • Now that the crafting area has been filled with the correct pattern, the panels should appear in the box to the right.


After following these steps your glass pane can be moved to your inventory.


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