How To Make Dolphins Not Despawn In Minecraft


Dolphins can play objects that float on the surface of the water. They can also track players in the water for a short time. 


Dolphins can take players to the nearest shipwreck or submerged ruins if the players feed them with cod or raw salmon. However, players must be quick to follow the dolphin; otherwise, they may lose sight of them.


Health Points


In Minecraft, a dolphin has 5 hearts for health. This gives the dolphin 10 life points (because 1 heart = two life points). To kill a dolphin, you must deal 10 damage to the dolphin.


Where To Find Dolphins?


In Minecraft, dolphins can be found in the biomes of the warm ocean and the deep ocean.


Although dolphins generally swim in the water, they cannot remain submerged indefinitely. They will have to jump out of the water from time to time to breathe. 


This creates a very different crowd dolphin because if you stay on the property too long or stay submerged for too long, you will start to suffer damage and die. 


If there is a dolphin on the property near the water, it will attempt to return to the water.

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