How To Make A Ladder In Minecraft PS4?


Ladder is an essential component in Minecraft. Here are some of the simple steps that explain to you about the steps to make a ladder.


Step 1: Open The Crafting Menu


First, you have to make the 3×3 craft grid which can be found in your craft table.


Step 2: Add sticks To Build Ladder


You will see a crafting area in the crafting menu which consists of a 3×3 crafting grid. Place 7 sticks on the 3×3 grid to build a ladder.


It is necessary to position the sticks in the exact pattern while constructing a ladder. 


  • There should be 2 sticks on each side in the first row (it should leave the middle box empty). 


  • There must be 3 sticks in the second row. 


  • There should be 2 sticks at each side in the third row (the middle box should be left empty). 


By, following these steps you will get the exact pattern for constructing a ladder. After completing these steps, you can move the ladder to your inventory.


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