How To Make A Enderman Proof House In Minecraft?


Endermen are massive, neutral, black creatures which are capable of teleporting, and collecting blocks.


How To Make An Enderman Proof House In Minecraft?


To prevent an enderman from entering your house, make all the ceilings in your house less than three blocks high (two and a half are fine, lay tiles on the floor or ceiling). 


Remember that lava is also an effective deterrent to keep the enderman away from your house.

How To Design Enderman Proof House?


Moreover a simple way to build an enderman proof house is to design your  house diagonally with a sloping roof and put a water fountain block at the highest point.


By submerging your house entirely in running water; the interior only contains a lower portal. 


The lower portal opens in a locked tunnel spirals down to the bottom depths and is brightly illuminated, where a second portal in the current underground house takes you back to the real world.


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