How To Go Into Spectator Mode In Minecraft Pocket Edition


Spectator is a popular game type that is available only in Minecraft’s PC / Mac version. It was first introduced in Minecraft 1.8 to enable players to travel and observe the Minecraft environment.


Players can’t communicate with everything in the game in this mode but they can travel via solid objects.

How To Enter The Spectacular Mode?


  1. Open Chat Window


The best way to make a Minecraft command is through the Chat window. Controlling the player to open the chat window relies on the Minecraft version. 

Press the T key to open the chat window for Java Edition (PC/ Mac).


  1. Use Command


In this case, we will use the following command to change the game mode to Spectator


/gamemode sp.


Type the chat window command in. As you click, you will see a command appear in the game window at the bottom left corner. To run the command press the Enter key.


When the cheat is activated, the game mode will change to Spectator. In the bottom left corner of the game window you can see the message “Your game mode has been changed. Furthermore, the health and hunger gage will no longer appear above the active bar and you can float.


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