How To Get Wheat Seeds In Minecraft?


In Minecraft, Wheat seeds are used for growing wheat and for raising chicken. The wheat seed can be obtained by breaking down all varieties of grass (gives 0-1 seeds) or by harvesting ripe wheat (gives 1–4 seeds per harvest).


Occasionally, wheat seeds can also be found in NPC villages where the villagers cultivate them as crops. A player can still harvest them, as if they themselves had grown the wheat. 

How To Get Wheat Seeds In Minecraft?


Find The Land Near Water


To get wheat seed you have to first locate a land near water.


Keep A Hoe


You have to pick a hoe in the shortcut bar and you have to keep it in your hand.


Sow The Seeds


Then choose your seeds from the rod and plant them in the soil. After sometime you will start to notify the plant growth. Over time, the plants evolve by themselves.


Fertilize With Bone Meal


Using bone meal on the plants, will speed up the growth cycle. After adding bone meal, your farm is mature and you’ve got wheat to harvest. Now, you can see floating wheat on the table.


Collect Grass


Make sure to pick up the wheat before it vanishes.


To get wheat seed you have to harvest them quickly before they grow up into a wheat plant.


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