How To Get A Command Block In Minecraft


A command block is a block, from which the instructions can be executed. Since it is not available in Cheat Survival mode, it is used mainly on multiplayer servers and custom maps.


Steps For Getting A Command Block In Minecraft


Step 1: Insert Commands


First of all you have to locate the control blocks in your inventory. Keep in mind you have to make sure that you have allowed the cheats to specify the command block.


Then you have to right-click on the first command box and “/give @a 306” command¬†


Next you have to exit the command block and press the next one. Then you have to put “/ don @a 307” in the next command box, likewise follow the same for 308 and 309.¬†


Next you have to put “/give @ a 261” in the previous command block.


Step 2: RedStone


Instead the red stone overlaps, ensure all the command blocks are attached to the red stone.


The best way to do this is to place a redstone repeater near each other and tie them.


Step 3: Evaluation


After completing these procedures you have to try them. For that you have to hang a button or lever at the start, so you turn on the red stone once you pull the lever. 

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