How To Delete Games On PS4?


Running out of storage space is a common problem for PS4 owners. The PS4 operating system takes about 100 GB of hard drive space, similarly the games installed in the PS4 take an average memory of 30 to 50 GB. 


By deleting the older games you can use the storage space to make room for new ones.


Games deletion is a simple process. Here are the steps to get games deleted from your collection or storage.


PS4 games are easy to uninstall. In the Games tab, just go to the game and highlight the game you like. 


Click the Options button on your controller, and select Delete from the menu. Then confirm your option, and uninstall the game.


Your backup files will stay intact because they are located on your PS4 at a different location. When you are asked to also remove data from the saved program, pick No to hold your backup files. If not, choose Yes. 


If you want to manually uninstall the backup files, go to Settings > Manage the data saved application > Data Stored In System Storage.


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