How To Cure A Zombie Villager PS4?


Using a golden apple, zombie villagers can be healed who are under the influence of a weakness potion that was applied on them.


What Are The Steps For Curing A Zombie Villager?


Use A Splash Weakness Potion


Locate the zombie villagers in a safe place to cure them. 


Use a golden apple 


Using a weakness potion weakens the zombie villager. Now pick a golden apple from your Easy Access menu.


The particles that float around the zombie villager will change from grey to red. That means the zombie villager is recovering, but it will take a few minutes.

Build A Work Table


The villager does not have a job at this stage, so he has to put a working table next to the villager. 


The Villager Will Deliver Down-Price Trades


Now you can trade with the villager and since you healed him, he will be giving you discounted rates on the looms.


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