How To Connect PS4 Controller To Iphone 8


With the introduction of iOS 13, it’s possible to play games on your iPhone or iPad using your PS4 or Xbox One controller.  Basically, many Apple Arcade games are compatible with PS4 and Xbox controllers, such as Fortnite, Minecraft, etc.


How To Connect PS4 Controller To Iphone 8?


Connecting a PS4 controller to your iPhone 8 or iPad is as easy as connecting any other Bluetooth devices. Similarly you can connect the PS4 controller to Iphone 8 with the help of Bluetooth.

What Are The Steps For Connecting PS4 with IPhone 8?


For connecting PS4 controller to Iphone 8 you have to go to settings, After that you have to enable Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad.


Then you have to Click the PS and Share button, then you have to hold it until the light bar starts blinking.


If the PS4 controller is blinking white then it is in pairing mode and eventually it will appear in the Bluetooth settings in the Other Devices section.


At last you have to select the parameters to pair it.


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