How Much Does It Cost To Make A Minecraft Realm?


How much does it cost to make a minecraft realm? It cost $ 7.99 to make a Minecraft realm.


What Is A Realm?


Realms are multiplayer personal servers, managed by Minecraft which is specially made for you and your friends. 

What Are The Factors That Determine The Price Range In Minecraft?


Minecraft Realms allows you to configure and manage private worlds at a relatively low cost. The maximum cost is $ 7.99 per month and this supports up to 11 simultaneous players per world. 


You can also pay $ 3.99 a month for up to three players, which is a good fit for families or small groups of friends who want to play together.


Does All The Players Need To Pay For This?


No, only the owner of the server has to pay and the others can connect for free, as long as they have a compatible version of the game. There are two different versions of Realms, one for the Classic PC edition and one for the Bedrock cross-platform version.


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