How Do You Use A Trapped Chest In Minecraft?


A trapped chest acts as a normal chest for storing items, but it generates energy from redstone when it is opened. 


A trapped chest is a block that is connected to Redstone which emits a low energy when a player opens. 


Trapped chests are mainly used for gambling but some cool creations of Redstone can also be made. Two trapped chests, like ordinary chests, can be placed together to form one wide (trapped) chest.


They have a relatively low red tint in patches, which indicates Redstone dust in the careful eye. The sign can be strengthened by putting an explosive trap next to the chest.

What Are Its Uses?


Trapped chests can be used to activate nearby TNT, aiming to kill the wretched soul that opens the box. You can also throw an anvil, sand, or other potentially deadly cubes of physics at the attacker using sticky pistons and a limited amount of strength. Like ordinary chests the trapped chests can be used as food in an oven.


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