How Do You Throw An Eye Of Ender


To throw an eye of ender, the player must hold the screen to use an eye of ender, otherwise an eye of ender must launch into the sky so that it  travels towards the nearest castle, leaving violet particles behind, and after a certain amount of time it will fall like an item.

Holding the application while keeping an eye of ender, it flies about 12 yards to the nearest fortress, cuts through all the requisite blocks and leaves in its wake a trail of violet particles, the same particle effect used for the ender hat.

While far from a final door, the inner eye often travels upward to provide an easily recognizable indicator of the horizontal direction that the player will pass through.

As the player enters the fortress, the eye floats in a more precise direction which takes the y-axis into consideration. It also indicates the head is traveling downwards, to show that the player is above a fortress and must be mine.


The eye floats momentarily in midair after two to three seconds of flight, then falls (becoming collectible again), to split in midair. The eye has a chance of losing 20 percent. 

On average the player can cast the eye 5 times before it splits.

The eye-flight function of the transmitter only works in the Underworld. 

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