How Do You Get Honeycomb In minecraft?


All you have to do to collect honeycombs in Minecraft is to use cutouts in a hive or comb. Honeycombs appear in the game world. Hives are exactly the same, except you should make them. 


When you find a honeycomb, communicate the Shears to drop 3 combs. 

The honeycomb can only be collected from a hive when it is in stage 5. 


Whenever a bee is pollinating, it joins the hive and works, it increases the level by 1. You’ll know when it’ll be at level 5, because the hive’s appearance will change to prove it’s filled with honey.



What Is A Honeycomb In Minecraft?


The first thing you have to do is to create new hives for honeycomb.You can create extra hives for every 3 combs, allowing you to have more bees, which will offer more honey. 


You can make 3 combs on a crafting table in the center row, then surrounded with wooden planks.


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