Does Minecraft Xbox One Have Bees?


Does minecraft Xbox one have bees? “Yes” Minecraft Xbox One have bees.


In the biomes of blooming forests, plains, and sunflower plains you will find bees which reproduce naturally. They’re friendly people, so you should not hurt them.


When you decide to attack a bee (it makes you numb), it will bite you and eventually you will die. 


Bees love pretty flowers and collect them for their pollen. They are an immense crowd to help you grow your crops, so you should not attack them.

Bees are friendly flocks that live in hives. When provoked, the bees attack in swarms and inject poison.


Bees do not fly (like ghosts or the ender dragon) but float like bats. Bees are called arthropods, and from Bane’s arthropod enchantment they take on increased harm. Similarly, they suffer damage from water contact.  Bees may be bound to a rope, when tied up they can still strike.


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