Does Minecraft VR Exist?


Does minecraft vr exist? “Yes” like any other games, Minecraft VR also exists.


In virtual reality, you can now play “Minecraft”. For that you have  to turn on your VR Gear to play the VR edition. Minecraft’s VR Gear edition supports cross-platform games with desktop non-VR games, as well as the Windows 10 edition.


Minecraft VR Gear Version costs $6.99, the same as the smartphone game for Android and iOS apps in the Minecraft Pocket Edition. 

Except for this edition the stereoscopic lenses of the VR Gear helmet were designed to view correctly. 


Likewise, Mojang has a planned version of this title.


Interestingly, there is still no additional detail on Minecraft’s availability for Microsoft’s HoloLens Augmented Reality headsets, which Microsoft has been showcasing for nearly a year. 


Meanwhile the Gear VR version, is a good start for bringing one of the most famous modern video games to a whole new (virtual) world.


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