Can’t Find Zombie Villager


Zombie villagers are upgraded versions of normal zombies that can be handled with golden apples and weak potions like regular villagers.


The zombie villagers are nothing but the crowd of hostiles. They can also be referred to as Mafia, where the word mafia is used to refer to all living and moving creatures in Minecraft Including cows, vines, and zombie villagers. 



Where To Find Zombie Villagers In Minecraft?


 In Minecraft, you can find Zombie villagers in the areas of close settlements. 


You can find them in the regions of:


  • Taiga Village
  • Savannah Village
  • Desert Village
  • Plains Village


When a zombie hits a Minecraft villager, the villager becomes a zombie villager. Therefore, you will find zombie villagers near a village.


If you have trouble finding a zombie villager, a hack can be used to call a zombie villager, or you can also use a spawn egg.


What Weapon Does A Zombie Villager Use?


Basically a Zombie villager in Minecraft does not carry any weapons.


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