Can You See How Many Hours You’ve Played Minecraft?


Can you see how many hours you’ve played Minecraft? It is one of the most common questions which pops in the minds of beginners as well as the regular players. 


Well, the answer is ”Yes” it is possible to see how many hours you have played Minecraft.


To see how many hours you’ve played Minecraft, open Statistics and remain in the general group. 


The second item in the list is Minutes Played, but it is also possible to illustrate the time in days (d) or hours (h).


If you are willing to see all of the things like seconds hours in the list you have to scroll down.


Please note that the statistics show just the time spent in the world today. When you want to know how much time you have spent creating all of your saved worlds, you can measure it by adding every single amount of time you spent in Minecraft.

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