Can Minecraft Villagers Have Babies?


Can Minecraft villagers have babies? “Yes,” Minecraft villagers can have babies.


Unlike some animals in Minecraft, villagers are incredibly easy to breed because you have to just feed them with carrots, potatoes, apples and so on. Once you do that, the villagers have babies, who later become grown-up villagers with a specified job.


What Are The Steps For Breeding The Villagers?


Here are some of the steps for breeding the villagers in Minecraft. By following the below-given steps you make the villagers have babies.


Step 1: Find A Village


Find a village which has a great number of villagers.


Step 2: Select A Breeding Center


Then you have to choose a building that has doors and select that building as a breeding center. 


If not, the villagers won’t be able to get the privacy they need.


Step 3: Provide Three Beds


Next, you have to provide three beds for villagers whom you have chosen for breeding. Two beds for the villagers and remaining one bed is for baby villagers.


Step 4: Wait For 20 Minutes or Drop food


After making all these settings you have to wait for 20 mins.  Once you come back after 20 minutes, there will be a little baby villager then wait for another 20 minutes and this baby will become a fully grown villager.


You can drop Bread or Carrots on the floor ( around two lots of 20) and the villagers will pick them up and share them between each other to breed.

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