Can I Play Minecraft On PS4 With Someone On Xbox



Can I play Minecraft on PS4 with someone on Xbox? “Yes,” you can play Minecraft with your friends who are all using Xbox. 


Microsoft has released a new Minecraft, which enables the PS4 players to partner with their friends who are using Xbox.  This new update was made in Minecraft’s Bedrock unified version.


This new update allows players to play the popular Minecraft game on shared worlds together, whether they’re using Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows 10, Gear VR, Nintendo Switch, Android, IOS everyone can group together and play the game.


This update is completely free that will never expire and all game purchases are able to use this new version.


The news comes a few days after Minecraft announced Realms Plus, a new monthly subscription service that allows players to partner with 10 friends to play together on their own private server.


The Realms Plus will be available for all versions that have Minecraft Marketplace, hence the current Minecraft Realms users have to upgrade for the free version.

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