How to get blaze powder


How To Get Blaze Powder


Blaze powder is a substance collected from blaze rods. It is used as a fuel for brewing stands and strength potions for picking the end participant.


A blaze rod in Minecraft is an object you cannot create by manufacturing a furnace or table. Alternatively, for this, you’ll need to find and collect.


A blaze rod can be used to smelt/cook 12 things as a fuel in a furnace (1 blaze pole can burn off 120 minutes in a furnace).


How To Get Blaze Rod In Survival Mode?


In Survival mode, you could add a blaze rod to your inventory by killing a blaze.


Check Out A Wildfire


  • You’ve to find a blaze first.


  • A blaze is a kind of mob which is contained only in the Nether.


  • If you have trouble finding a blaze, you can use a hack to call a blaze, or use a spawn egg.


Strike The Flame And kill Blaze


You’ll need to attack him as soon as you find a Blaze. It will turn pink when you hit the blaze, as it takes damage.


Start pursuing the flame, and strike it. If you have destroyed the blaze, a blaze pole will drop.


Taking off the Blaze Rod


  • Make sure to pick up the blaze rod until it vanishes.


  • A blaze rod is a handy item and must be kept in your inventory for use afterwards.



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