The First set of inform investments are below.

Try to buy the players before they go out of packs.

FIFA 20 Investments for 7th October 2018. Below are the current investments being made. From the current TOTW you should look to invest in the discard totw because the only way is up. As well as the 84 rated Spanish Cards for 14k or less. With the new Premier League POTM and Bundesliga POTM cards coming within the next week. If Informs are going to be required the spanish and french cards will fly up due to the chemistry that is normally required in these SBCs.

85 IF Blind. Guaranteed to increase for SBC fodder. You may have to wait a while but it’s guaranteed profit.

Sanit Cazorla, Oyarzabel, Zapata, Doherty, Lafont. All really good Informs for SBC fodder. Prices will almost rise as soon as they are removed from packs.


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