What is FUT Rivals


What is Rivals?

FUT Rivals is an online game mode where you’ll compete with other players to climb the ranks from division 10 all the way to division 1.

First off you’ll play 5 placement matches.  What you do in these whether you win draw or lose.  You’ll be assigned a division.  Most of the time you’ll get placed between division 6 and division 3.

FUT Rivals replaced the old divisions in fifa 19.

Instead of playing up to 10 games in a division and getting promoted, staying in the same division or relegated.  It’s now switched to a points system.

When you win a match you gain points.  When you draw you can either gain or lose points.  And when you lose a match you’ll lose points.

How many points you gain or lose will depend on how many points your opponent has.

This is where if you draw a match, yet your opponent has fewer points that you you’ll end up loosing a few points.

On average when you win or lose you’ll either gain or lose around 20-30 points.  And for a draw you’ll win or lose an average of around 1 – 8 points.

Each rank is a certain amount of points that you’ll need to get to.

As for relegation, there is a cushion where you’ll need to drop 50 points below minimum for that rank in order to get relegated back to the previous division.  This way you’ll not constantly get into a new division then instantly relegated if you lose the first match.

How do I get the rewards?

A side from the points you gain or lose on the result of the match that goes towards your rivals divison.

There are five ranks within each division.  These ranks reset on a Thursday morning.

There’s another points system that goes towards this rank for your rewards.  These points are earned on the result of the match but you also get 90 points for every goal you score up to 5 goals.

So even if you lose 6-5 you’ll still be getting more points than if you won 1-0.

You’ll rack up these points through the week with the rewards being given for the rank you reached on thursday morning.

There’s 3 options to choose from for rank 1, 2, and 3.  The first option is a coin reward.  The second option are tradeable packs.  And the third option are untradeable packs where you get double the packs of the second option.

Basically to get into the top ranks for that week you need to play a lot of games.

It’s important to note that even if you progress a division during the week you’ll still get the rewards based on what divsion you started in on the previous Thursday.  It’s complicated but you’ll pick it up fairly quickly.

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