Most Important GK Stats FIFA 20


Some Goalkeepers seem to perform a lot better than others.  Yet they have similar card stats.

In this post today we’ll discuss the most important GK stats FIFA 20.

In terms of card stats the most important to least important are:

1. Reflexes
2. Diving
3. Positioning
4. Handling
5. Kicking
6. Speed

However they’re not the only stats that make a goal keeper feel really good.  You have to look deeper in the cards in game stats, and traits.

Height:  Height is always important for keepers on FIFA 20.  The best height we’ve found are keepers between 6’2″ or higher.  Any lower and you’ll find yourself conceding to many far posts shots.

In Game Reactions: One of the most important stats for a goalkeeper on FIFA is in game reaction.  Some keepers will have really good cards and ratings but poor reactions which ultimately affect how good they are dramatically.

Traits: The best trait to look for in a keeper is the save with feet trait.

Good Examples of the best keepers


De Gea is one of the best keepers on the game.  Why?

Well he has good reflexes, diving and positioning.  Which are the three main card stats to look for.

He’s also 6’4″ which meets our recommendation of being at least 6’2″.

His In game reactions are 87.  Which is really good compared to most keepers.

And finally he has the all important “Save with Feet” trait.


Other Good Goalkeepers

Wonder why you always see people using Ter Stegen?

Well guess what.  Similar to De Gea he has very good reflexes, diving and positioning.

Combined with being 6’2″, and 86 in game reactions.

And finally, he also has the save with feet traits.




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