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You probably already know what mass bidding is but for the people that don’t.  It’s a trading method where you find a filter that returns a lot of players in which you can mass bid until you reach the transfer target limit.

Steps for mass bidding:

  1. Bid on players until you reach your transfer target limit
  2. Wait till they expire and see how many you’ve won
  3. List the players you’ve won.  For either the lowest BIN price or if you can afford to wait list a few hundred coins for for lazy buyers.

Yes.  It’s really that simple.

But the hard part is finding the right mass bidding filters FIFA 20 that acutally work efficiently.

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So what makes a filter good?

  1. High volume of players to bid on under 5 minutes.
  2. Able to make good amounts of profit per card.
  3. Cards in demand so you can sell to lazy buyers for slightly over the cheapest buy now (Players from leagues with League SBCs)
  4. Doesn’t Include meta players.


So why shouldn’t a filter include meta players?

Including filters that have a lot of meta players will mean that the competition is a lot higher.  Which will ultimately reduce your profit per card.  As well as lead you to not winning as many cards due to the higher competition.


Should you stick to one filter?


The best way to maximize your profit when mass bidding is to have a few filters that you can use.  You can then cycle through each filter and bid on cards up to 5 minutes.

This way your not waiting a long time.  And it also means you’ll have a good variety of cards selling which will increase sales so you can then do the method again.

Think about it.  If you have 20 of one player or 4 of five players which do you think will sell first?

Obviously the 4 of five players. Unless you decide to list them all for under the cheapest buy now.  Which I don’t recommend.

With the more competition in trading over the past few years.  To maximize my profit I’ll always try to list just over the cheapest buy now because with League SBCs almost all non rare gold cards are in demand all the time.


The Best Mass Bidding Filters

The best filter I love to use which makes me around 500 coins per player is the premier league one in the image below.  At the bottom of the page I’ve included some results for you to checkout.  From a full transfer target of 50 players I managed to win 7.  However, I know I could’ve bid slightly higher on some players and won a lot more but this was tested just putting the next bid on each player.

mass bidding filter premier league


Below are five other leagues that the mass bidding works with.  However, it must be said that players don’t sell as regularly or as high as the premier league ones.  You can expect to win a higher percentage of cards.  But your profits will be around 300 coins per card.  Whereas in the premier league you get around 500 coins per card.




I tested the premier league method and managed to pick up 7 out of the first 50 cards I bidded on.  I could’ve won more but I was bidding between 400 and 450 on all the cards.  Whereas a lot of the cards expired for 450 and 500 coins so if I’d have stuck an extra bid on them all I’d have probably one a lot more.

From these 7 cards I picked up:

  • Capoue for 500
  • Iwobi for 500
  • Jonny for 350
  • Rice for 400
  • Cedric for 450
  • Amadou for 350
  • Engels for 400

I then listed each of these cards for 100 coins higher on bid and between 900 and 1200 coins buy now.  I compared prices on all the cards and took the lowest price that was from the first 3 pages.

The reason I list them for 100 coins more is so that I can flip as many cards in the hour as I can.  Because we’re bidding no more than 500 coins per card the tax is very little so even if you sell the player for 100 coins more you’re still making profit.

Although it must be said that all of the cards I listed did sell.  4 of the players sold within 10 minutes.

See the prices below.

The more you buy and sell you’ll start to know which players sell quickly and which players take a long time to sell.  When you do this you can then use this information and not bid on some of the players you know will take a while to sell.

Although it must be said that all 7 players did sell within the first hour.  All for buy now prices apart from amadou who went for 500 coins on bid.

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