Maldini FIFA 20 | This Chem Style gives the BEST boost


Maldini FIFA 20

Base Version

The Base Version of Maldini is an 88 rated left back.  However with an Anchor chemistry style this moves him to an 90 rated left back giving him a good boost in Pace, Defending and Physical stats.

Alternative chemistry styles that would suit the base version of Maldini would be Shadow.  Although it could be a bit of a waste on his defending with it already being really high.  But you’d get that extra pace boost.

With being a left back with already outstanding defending you could use a catalyst chemistry style to boost his pace and passing.  You’d get a really good +10 boost to pace and then a +8 passing boost increasing his crossing to 93.  Short passing to 86.  And you still have all 90 plus defending in game stats.

Standout Stats with Anchor: 

Acceleration: 92
Sprint Speed: 92
Interceptions: 95
Heading Accuracy: 99
Defensive Awareness: 99
Standing Tackle: 99
Sliding Tackle: 99
Jumping: 92
Stamina: 85
Composure: 88


Mid Version + Prime Version

The Mid version of Maldini is an interesting card because with a anchor chemistry style the boost makes his the same rated as what his prime version with an anchor would be, 95.

With an Anchor chemistry style both his mid and prime version have all 99 defending stats.  With the only notable difference being the +4 pace his prime version has with the same chemistry style.

A shadow on both of these cards would be a waste in the defending attributes and especially with the price of shadow cards.

If you are however, wanting that +10 pace boost a catalyst would be a better alternative.  That way you’re getting 92 pace on the Mid version and 96 pace on the prime card.

But you also increase the passing stats to 90 short passing and 92 short passing on the prime version.

Maldini’s main weak stat is Jumping.  Which is why I’ve chosen Anchor to be the best chemistry style for all three versions of the Icon card.  An Anchor chemistry style provides a +10 boost in jumping which is probably the only defensive stat (even thought it’s a physical stat) that he lacks in.



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