Icon Trading FIFA 20 | This is how to make millions quickly


Icon trading has become a popular method of trading on fifa ultimate team over the past few years.  With a lot of traders taking to the method in fifa 19 making millions of coins quickly compared to other trading methods.

It does take a bit of knowledge and risk.  But the rewards are a lot higher than trading with lower budget cards.

Because Icons are usually a lot higher prices than the rest of the cards on the market apart from a few exceptions in Messi, Ronaldo etc.

Higher prices means higher profits.

Because of the rarity in Icons compared to other gold cards, it means that the prices can fluctuate within a few hours each day.

So how do you do it?

If you’d like a video tutorial we’d recommend watching the video below.  Runthefutmarket is an exceptional trader on fifa, and releases his tips to his community for free.


How to do it?

One way because there aren’t to many icons on the market it’s quite easy to get to the 59th minute.  Sometimes it’s better to do different positions to get to the 59th minute quicker.  When I say positions I don’t mean CM or LB.  Do general positions in Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards.

When you get to the 59th minute and use futbin in order to see new cards that get listed.  From here you can do a quick check on FUTBIN to look at the daily trends to see if it’s a good deal or not.

In the Icon market there are trends that happen where the cards will fluctuate 50-60k on the lower price cards and 100-200k on the higher priced cards.

So what you’re doing is looking at FUTBIN’s hourly graph and looking a the high and low points during the day.  You then check the Icon prices and try and pick a undercut up for around the low points and then wait until a high hour comes up to sell him.

For short term flips, you need to look at the trends in the market.  Getting to know them will make you a lot of coins.


Alternatively if you’re willing to buy cards in the week and sell during the weekend.  I’ve noticed that a lot of icons are cheaper during the week.  And then when more users get on over the weekend they’re looking to buy an Icon for there team.  With the supply of icons this pushes the prices up over the weekend.

It’s a lot easier to explain in a video so I’d definitely recommend checking out Nick’s video above.


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