How do you dummy on FIFA 20


Using the dummy skill move on fifa 20 is extremely useful in situations where you’re wanting to do a 180 degree turn when receiving the ball.

The dummy skill move allows you to let the ball run through your legs so you can carry on running in the same direction the ball was originally travelling.

How to do it?

With a controller you need to hold RB(Xbox) or R1(PS4) before your player receives the ball.  Your player will then let the ball run through his legs and carry on running.


Best place to use it?

From playing over 2000 games of fifa over the past couple of years.  I’ve found the best place to dummy the ball is when passing the ball down the line to your wingers.

It will allow you to get in behind down the line to where you can then either cross the ball into the box or cut back and pass the ball inside.


What skill moves does your player need?

With this being a basic skill move any player on the game can do it.  You only need 1 star skills which every player even your goalkeeper has.







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