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When looking for trading advice on fifa ultimate team there are many different ways to trade and gain advantage of the market to earn coins.  People tend to pick a specialty whether that’s investing, sniping or general trading.  Some streamers are very good at giving free FUT trading advice, and we’ll cover some of the people to follow on twitter, youtube and twitch here later.

Types of Trading

There are a few different ways of trading.  With a lot of different methods we’ll cover briefly.


As the term suggest investing is a good way to make coins on fifa if you don’t have a lot of time to sit there and trade for a few hours a day.

Investing invloves buying players when you see an opportunity (There prices are low) and then sell when they increase.  This is a lot easier to say than do.  I have tried this many of times and not been successful.  It’s all about looking for patterns in the market and using them to your advantage.

For example some players increase on rewards day (Thursday) because players get an influx in coins for them to upgrade their teams.



Another great way to make coins is sniping.  Sniping requires a lot of time.  You can be sat sniping for one to two hours at a time.

When sniping it’s all about trying to find the best sniping filters.

With some filters you can flip around 100 – 200k an hour.

Some of the best filters are when EA release a new SBC.  For example if EA release an SBC and it requires 3 liverpool players.  Liverpool players will sky rocket.  Whilst everyone is still listing them for there usual price.

Although it’s best to try and find your own filters.  As there will be less competition and ultimately you’ll reap the rewards with higher profits.


General Trading Methods

Over the years.  Since FUT began in FIFA 09, people have been coming up with unique and very good ways of trading.

Some of those methods include:

  • Buying players for their lowest buy now, applying 99 contracts and fitness.  And then listing the card to get a profit of around 800-1000 coins.  It may seem strange but at the back end of FIFA 19 I was making 300k a day doing this method
  • Another method is buying premier league non rare gold cards for 400 and listing them for 700-800.  They’re used in SBCs all the time and get bought without checking the cheapest price.
  • Other methods include the rare silver bidding method.


One of my favorite methods is the unassigned method.  Where you basically invest all your coins into a certain player wait for him to rise and sell for big profits.

There was a guy on twitter who made 10M coins from buying over 2000 84 rated Pizzi.  And as soon as and SBC came out that required 84 rated players.  His price doubled and left him with over 10M coins profit.  (It must be said that he did have 10M coins invested in the first place.)

Best Website for Player Prices

If you’re looking to become a good trader.  Then you need a website that tracks players prices and gives you data that you can use.

FUTBIN has been the best website for Ultimate Team player prices for the past few years.

You should definitely check them out if you’re looking to trade, it’ll save you a load of time when needing to know players prices quickly without having to check the transfer market yourself.


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