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The FUT League SBC Method is a way of trying to generate coins and get lucky in packs without having to spend hundreds of dollars on the game.  Instead you spend hours of your time working on completing league SBCs and generate a profit.

Is it easy?

Yes.  At the start you either need a lot of players in your club or around 100-200k to get the method working efficiently.  Don’t worry if you do it right you’ll earn that 200k back in a few days.

So how’s it work.

Because league SBCs are repeatable your essentially just repeating the SBCs over and over again.

Any players you get in the reward packs that are needed to complete one of the league SBCs you keep all of them.  This way you don’t have to buy all the players for every team.

Any consumables you’ll try to sell to get the maximum profit back.

And once every so often with all the packs you’ll be opening you’ll end up getting a player worth a bit of value that you can sell.

Unfortunately it’s not as over powered as it was in fifa 19 because overall league SBC player reward ratings have been lowered.

fifa 20 league sbc method

Is it profitable?

Yes.  Many Streamers and Youtubers such as Nick28T, Nepenthez etc have made hundreds of thousands of coins doing this method.  But like they say the main thing you need to do the league SBC method is time.

It’s also only profitable if you don’t over spend on players and sell everything you get from the packs.

A lot of non rare gold players will have the cheapest buy now on the market of 800-900 coins.  But don’t buy it, because 100% guaranteed someone will list one for 400 coins because they don’t know the actual value.

The overall aim is to spend as little coins as possible to complete each team.  So it’s best to keep checking through all the teams and only attempting to fully complete it once you have at least 7 players OR if it’s going to cost you a lower amount to complete the team to the pack reward your going to get.

For example and 15k jumbo premium gold pack would roughly get you an absolute minimum of 3-4k.  So if it’s only going to cost you 3k to complete the rest of the team it’s worth taking the risk and maybe pulling an expensive player.

Tips to make it profitable:

  • Don’t overspend on players.  And snipe players they’ll always pop up cheaper than the cheapest buy now.
  • Only Complete teams if you’ve got 7 or more players OR it’s going to cost less to complete than the coins you’ll get back from the reward pack


On the odd occasion you’ll find you’ll only have one or two teams to complete the entire league.  And sometimes even if it’s going to cost you more than the pack reward it’s sometimes worth completing ONLY IF you have teams ready to be submitted again on the next round of doing that league.


I only had Sheffield Wednesday and Wigan left to complete in the EFL League SBC.  But it was going to cost me more than the reward packs I would get back.

However I decided it’d be worth the coins to complete because I already have 8 teams that could be submitted straight away in the next round.

I don’t have any coins or players to start?

Unfortunately if you don’t have any coins or players to start this method you’ll be best playing Division rivals or FUT Champions for a couple of weeks and opting to take the coin reward in RIVALS.

At the start it can be quite frustrating.  Because the League SBC method is only really efficient once you’ve got quite a few of the players as once you’re able to start submitting multiple teams more teams will get completed from the players you get from the rewards.


It’s still complicated

It will be.  Definitely if you’re new to the method it can take some time to get it down to a tee.  But once you’ve gotten the hang of it it’s really fun to do.  And means you don’t have to play Rivals all week.

I’d recommend watching Nick28T on twitch.  He does the method on stream most days and you’ll definitely be able to pick up some tips a long the way.

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