FIFA 20 Pressure on Heavy Touch


What is Pressure on Heavy Touch

Pressure on heavy touch is a defensive custom tactic.  As you can work out it means that your players will apply pressure to the opposition when they take a heavy touch.

Compared to constant pressure and pressure on possession loss it doesn’t affect stamina as much.

It’s useful for when your opponent likes to play RB/R1 passes because their players will take heavy touches giving you the opportunity to press and get the ball back.

Also if your opponent does a few skills moves.  With the Nerf of chained skill moves this year where your player will take heavier and heavier touches if you try to chain skill moves it’s extremely useful if you’re playing someone with this play style.


  • Doesn’t use as much player stamina compared to other defensive styles.
  • Makes your opponent make mistakes
  • Take advantage of your opponent trying to play RB passes.
  • Useful against players with low ball control



The main disadvantage to using this is if your opponent is a good player and he recognizes that this is the defensive custom tactic you are using.  He can use it to his advantage to play short passes and no skill moves so his players won’t make heavy touches.

This then means your players won’t be able to pressure on heavy touches because your opponent is using that to his advantage.

From a personal preference it feels inconsistent.  One minute your players start pressing.  And the next they aren’t.  It can leave gaps open if your opponent understands that you are playing this tactic.


Should you use it?

The only times I use pressure on heavy touch is if my opponent has a weak team.  Weaker teams often tend to include players with lower ball control and dribbling stats.  This means that you can take advantage of your players poorer touches.

However, when you start climbing the divisions and pushing the higher ranks in FUT Champions.  You almost never come up against these ‘weaker teams’ and everyone uses the best players.

fifa 20 pressure on heavy touch


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