FIFA 20 how to see friends team | Tutorial and Video


Since FIFA 19 EA have changed the way to view your friends team.

Why?  We don’t know there wasn’t a problem with the old system but they decided to change it and this confused everyone.

Here are the steps to view your friends team on FIFA 20:

  1. On the Play tab click ‘Friendlies’
  2. Then choose couch play
  3. Select Classic Match
  4. Advance on your squad screen
  5. Press A/cross on PS4 to confirm your team
  6. On away team move up to the top
  7. Scroll from Community Squads to My Friends
  8. See your friends team by pressing Y/triangle


If you didn’t get that then watch the short video below.

Hopefully this helped you find your friends team.

If your can’t see your friends team when scrolling through.  This will because your friend does not have a valid team to show.

This can be down to having a red card on a player or not having a full starting 11 and full bench on their ‘active squad’

If you’ve just added someone as a friend you’ll more than likely have to restart the game for them to be added to the list to see their squad.


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