FIFA 20 How to make attackers run forward

Manually making a player on your team make a run is a very effective way of creating chances and scoring goals.  In order to make a player make a run towards your oppositions goal you must make an LB/L1 pass where you pass the ball whilst holding Lb on Xbox and L1 on PlayStation this will manually make the player that’s just passed the ball run forward towards the oppositions goal.

Making players run creates goal scoring opportunities and without it you’d struggle to break your opposition down.

Another way to make your attackers run forward.  This only works on FIFA ultimate team but you can set custom tactics in the menu.

You can do this by going to your squad screen and pressing Y/Triangle and selecting custom tactics.  (You need a full starting 11 and subs bench for this option to be available.) 

From here use RB/R1 to scroll across to instructions.  You can then set your attackers to ‘get in behind’. This will make your attackers make runs in behind your opposition when you have the ball.

FIFA 20 How to make attackers run forward

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